Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Car Wash in Carlstadt, NJ

If you have been searching for a car wash in Carlstadt, NJ that will improve the look of your car instantly, come to Royal Touch Hand Car Wash, located on Rt. 17 North.

At Royal Touch Hand Car Wash, it is our goal to make your car look its very best. We provide our customers with an extensive list of options for cleaning and servicing cars. From hand car washing and car waxing, to exterior hand car washing, SUV and van hand washing and car detailing, the options you have available to you are endless! In addition to these singular services, we have combined our services into a variety of packages that are also available upon coming to our car wash.

At our car wash in Carlstadt, NJ, we give each and every car the utmost amount of attention, paying special attention to the details. Some of the service details we provide include:

  • Thorough cleanings
  • Shampooing, disinfectant and deodorizing services
  • Dirt removal
  • Removal of rough spots or patches
  • Maintaining the paint job
  • Cleaning vents for better air flow

These services will lead to many benefits, such as increasing the life of your car, lowering maintenance and repair costs and increasing the resale value of our car.

We provide our customers with affordable prices and we even have special offers on some of our services. To find out about the offers that are available at our car wash in Carlstadt, NJ, click here.

We want your car to leave our vicinity looking brand new and working in top condition. If you have any questions about the services we provide at our car wash in Carlstadt, NJ, contact us at 201-939-2424, or visit us at 711 Rt. 17 North today!


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